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About Us

My hero when I was a kid was my mom. Same for everyone I knew. Moms are untouchable. They’re elegant, smart, beautiful, kind…everything we want to be. At 29 years old, my favorite compliment is being told that I look like my mom. Seeing myself in her image, like this daughter up top, makes me so proud of how far I’ve come, and so thankful for where I come from. the refractor telescope uses a convex lens to focus the light on the eyepiece. The reflector telescope has a concave lens which means it bends in. It uses mirrors to focus the image that you eventually see. Collimation is a term for how well tuned the telescope is to give you a good clear image of what you are looking at. You want your telescope to have good collimation so you are not getting a false image of the celestial body. Aperture is a fancy word for how big the lens of your telescope is. But it’s an important word because the aperture of the lens is the key to how powerful your telescope is. Magnification has nothing to do with it, its all in the aperture. Focuser is the housing that keeps the eyepiece of the telescope, or what you will look through, in place. The focuser has to be stable and in good repair for you to have an image you can rely on. Mount and Wedge. Both of these terms refer to the tripod your telescope sits on. The mount is the actual tripod and the wedge is the device that lets you attach the telescope to the mount. Moms are like…buttons? Moms are like glue. Moms are like pizza crusts. Moms are the ones who make sure things happen—from birth to school lunch.

Our Mission

To shine a positive light on our community; To try and see the positive side of every news story; To promote engaging and healthy conversation on various topics.

To provide top quality advertising and exposure to small business owners so they can promote their product or service at affordable rates; To give a strong voice to the arts and culture community; To spread the word about all the great events taking place in Cornwall and Area.

Our Vision

Our vision at The Home Page Network is to continue to grow by opening up new markets for our products and services. Our core staff remains dedicated to staying current with technology to be able to provide our users with a modern (new media) experience.

We will continue to incorporate news and information from around the world with a particular emphasis on things that impact the local communities we serve. We are committed to covering mostly good and positive things that take place in a community. We hope to be an encouragement to the regions we serve by influencing our communities for good.

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